AI Trip Planning & Optimization Solution

Globaleur's unique travel solution of AI trip planning & optimization brings you a deep integration of rich content, AI recommendation engine, itinerary optimization, and in-destination assistance. Integrate this innovate solution with your current products can help customers to plan their trips with ease.

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Trip Planning Solutions

Core Features


Explore things to do

Discover each city and things to do, view popular trip plans, check out other people's plans, listen to audio guides, and browse top tours, tickets and hotels. 


AI trip optimization 

Get day-to-day travel itineraries in minutes with AI trip optimizer. No more google maps planning, no more info check, just let the AI know where to go.  


Get recommended trip plans

Receive personalized plans generated by in-house recommendation engine. Identify preferred travel activities, visits and bookings that fit your interests. 


Guide your trip on the way

Get immediate help on ground with our trip planner on variables such as weather, traffic and routes. Never get lost while traveling with our in-destination assistance. 


Book everything in one place

Plan and book at one place. Our integrated planning and booking solution can help you to find best flights, hotels, rental cars, tours and activities!


Discover funs around you

Wondering what to do around you? Explore interesting tours and activities around you, get immediate plan recommendations and discoer funs around you!

Trip planning solutions

Enhance your  customer experiences

Globaleur's trip planning solutions can largely increase your users travel experiences from multiple aspects such as before, during and post travel. Integrate our trip planning solution with you current travel experiences to improve the user experiences and conversion rate of your customers.   

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Trip planning solutions

Plan better, work better

Enjoy your B-leisure plan with Globaleur! Import your schedule and plan beyond it. We help you to identify best place to stay, great things to explore around, and fun things to do after a day of work!

Stay organized, work hard and play hard!

Trip planning solutions

Increase your revenue stream with integrated plan & booking solution

What's to do around your hotel? Find interesting things to do, tour and activities around you. Book and plan on a single page to help you quickly identify where to live, what to do and where to go. Our integrated plan and book solution help you to get extra revenue steam with higher conversion rate. 

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