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AI Trip Planning & Itinerary Management Platform

Powered by Globaleur's proprietary AI technology, which leverages big data analytics, geo-clustering, and a personalization engine, users can effortlessly plan and book personalized trips at any time and from anywhere.

Utilize Globaleur’s
Itinerary Packaging Engine
for Your Business

We can seamlessly integrate your contents and travel products into our system, enabling your customers to easily plan their trips and purchase additional travel products either directly from you or through us.


Itinerary includes:

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Tours & Activities

Sightseeing Places

Our clients can obtain significant values

From searching, planning and booking to in-travel experiences, our digital solution not only accompanies users at every step but also enhances the value and enjoyment of each phase. We collaborate closely with each client to introduce additional, tailored touch points for every use case, ensuring users remain deeply engaged with our digital platform.

Achieve substantial growth through more engaged users, enhanced sales touch points, and new leads by utilizing our unique digital solutions

Leverage our exclusive data assets to enrich customer profiles, craft personalized experiences, and initiate customized campaigns

Establish long-term intrinsic value for your customers by fostering customer loyalty, cultivating an innovative brand identity, and providing distinctive digital experiences

Excited Traveler

AI Trip Planning & Itinerary Management System


A data-driven AI engine equipped with built-in optimization and clustering technology, effectively delivers personalized travel recommendations and fully optimized itineraries. This system enables users to book optimized travel inventories in one go.

Our Trip Planning and Itinerary Management System offers the capability to integrate both your booking inventories and external inventories, providing each traveler with a fully customized trip package tailored to their unique preferences. 


Explore, mark and use!

Learn more about the next destination with rich content! Users can read curated travel guides created by locals, mark  popular attractions and areas created with in-house content team, directly use sample itineraries, and many more!  


Book while planning

While auto-detection system can quickly identify and redirect users to relevant bookable inventories in their trip, AI engine can also add their external bookings into the plan. What's best with booking and planning at one time?


Get personalized plans

Receive personalized plans generated by in-house AI engine. Our personalization engine not only consider users travel interests and purposes, but can also incorporate their existing schedule and external bookings into the plan.


In-destination guidance

Receive plan reminders, weather alerts and agent assistance. A downloadable map for users who don't have data. Easily adjust their trip plan in real-time, discover things to do around, and take cab to their next stop with one click.  


AI itinerary optimization

Get day-to-day travel itineraries with the optimal route in minutes! Our AI Optimizer consider over 20+ human considerate travel variables like location, transportation, time, area, weather, city, ranking, generate that one trip!


Share, write and publish

A community for travelers! Users can send their trip plan to family and friends for feedbacks while they are planning. They can also turn their itinerary plan into a blog and share with the community. 

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Globaleur Clients

Increase Your Revenue Stream with Integrated Planning & Booking Solution

Our trip planning solutions significantly enhance your users' travel experiences across all phases—before, during, and after their trips. Integrate our solution with your current offerings to elevate user satisfaction and boost your customers' conversion rates.

How we work with our clients

We collaborate with major clients worldwide, including airlines, hotels, financial institutions, and tourism boards, offering digital travel solutions that are versatile and easily integrated across various use cases. Our primary objective is to furnish their users with an optimal, effortless, and personalized travel planning experience. Through ongoing innovation and enhancement of our solutions, we are dedicated to assisting our clients in realizing economic value and achieving their long-term goal.


Listen, Analyze & Propose

Understand and analyze each client's unique pain points and needs to strategize the solutions 


Solutionize & Demonstrate

Based on AI trip planning features, we customize and present client-specific travel tech solutions


Implement & Integrate

Integrating with client's current technologies, we implement our tech solutions frictionlessly


Track, Maintain & Enhance

We observe, uphold and continue to enhance the system to make it more powerful over time.

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