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Millions of travelers around the world rely on Globaleur for travel. Leverage Globaleur's software and APIs that include dynamic destination data and AI-powered booking & itinerary package engines to change the way we travel the world.

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A Fully Integrated Suite of
Travel Solutions

Globaleur believes that the next phase of digital transformation in travel is about leveraging AI to fully learn about travelers and your customers to provide a highly personalized travel experience. You need to understand your customers from a 360-degree perspective throughout the entire travel journey, leveraging actionable insights to deepen customer relationships and increase travel inventory conversions.

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Global Destination Contents

Our Destination Content API provides continuously updated data from around the world, enabling the development of precise and dynamic tools. It enhances information access and search functionality across platforms.

Personalized Trip Planning

We provide interactive trip planning solutions designed to deliver personalized and optimized trips based on various factors such as travel preferences, budget constraints, and bookings.  

Booking with Confidence

Globaleur AI Engine intelligently curates and integrates booking inventories into travel itineraries. Derived from a diverse range of sources, it ensures an enhanced booking experience, designed to improve conversion rates and overall travel planning process.

Providing innovative solutions for

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Tourism Boards

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Travel Agencies

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Versatile technology with easy-to-use integrations

Globaleur streamlines the enhancement of our clients' travel websites and apps by centralizing all necessary elements. Our AI-powered tools facilitate industry-leading personalization and recommendations throughout the travel journey, from initial planning to in-destination guidance, ensuring a seamless experience at every step.

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White Label

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WHY Globaleur

A technological approach for travel digitalization

We are a next-generation content and software solution provider dedicated to empowering our clients in the digital travel domain. Our mission is to create powerful and innovative products that enable global travelers to access useful information, create personalized trip itineraries, and receive assistance throughout their journey. Through our unique solutions and comprehensive service offerings, we have equipped our clients with an unprecedented competitive advantage in the travel market.

High Scalability 

Handle a significant volume of users or workloads without compromising performance. Reliable technologies and immediate resolutions for any issues. 

Data Compliance

Achieve compliance with data residency, privacy, and protection regulations through embedded solutions rather than relying on third-party services


Every piece of code and design we create is thoughtfully crafted with our customers in mind, whether they are travel businesses or end users exploring the world.

Innovative Resolution

We excel in delivering rapid and high-quality solutions. If you have a need for customized solution, let us help so you can concentrate on your core business.

Ready to build the future of travel?

Contact us to learn more about our solutions

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