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Digital Nomad

Being an innovative and user-centric company, we aim to transform the relationships between people and destinations by leveraging digital technologies 


Bring an ultimate travel experience

Everything starts with helping users to have an ultimate travel experience that's related, cared and stress-free, and that's why we are here. We believe by empowering users with an optimal travel experience, it will automatically bring opportunities and values to our clients. 


Globaleur provides AI-driven travel digital solutions

Globaleur is a leading software provider for travel personalization solutions. Leverage our customizable end-to-end travel solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence for planning, booking, and itinerary management as your company sees fit.

Digital Nomad

Globaleur help travelers discover destinations and plan their trips easily and stress-free

Curated itinerary guides with various travel purposes and interests, created by local experts

AI trip optimize engine that generate the best itinerary route considering over 15 travel variables

AI trip recommendation helps travelers to easily find the best bookings that fit in their travel plans

We create value by reinventing the core. We care about a traveler’s entire travel journey, and we believe that we should maximize travelers’ travel experiences, which means we help them to get the most out of the investment of their time, money and energy for that trip.


We accomplish this by empowering travelers with cutting-edge technology, creating added-values for our corporate partners, and opening new horizons in global travel industry. 

Camping on the Beach

Travel management platform helps agents to package and bundle inventories with curated itinerary that can be personalized for each traveler

Camel Tour

Globaleur help travel agents sell and package their travel inventories more effectively

AI decision engine sends actionable insights that help to nurture your customers and help your businesses to grow

Italian Streets

Globaleur promotes your country and city to foreign travelers through diverse contents and marketing strategies









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Waiting for Flight

Let's collaborate!

Globaleur is always open for any partnerships, and we are also actively looking for inventory suppliers, tour agencies, and tech providers that could provide benefits to our clients.


We work with our partners closely so that we can optimize the traffic and conversion rate for booking sales.


If you are interested in partnering with us, please email, we would love to hear from you!

Ready to build the future of travel?

Contact us to learn more about our products and services

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