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Travel Personalization

Consumers demand personalized travel more than ever, but there is severe discordant in services available. This is where Globaleur comes in. 

Globaleur uses machine learning to provide every traveler with a personalized and automated travel itinerary with real-time on-site assistance and one-stop shop booking solutions. 

Globaleur - AI driven travel solutions trusted by leading companies

Globaleur is a leading software provider for travel personalization solutions. Leverage our customizable end-to-end travel solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence for planning, booking, and itinerary management as your company sees fit.

  • Discover

    Read comprehensive travel content from travel data publishers and travel contents created by local experts 

  • Recommendation

    In-house recommendation engine helps you quickly identify your preferred travel activities, visits and bookings

  • Optimization

    Optimize your day-to-day travel plan by integrating multiple travel factors and personal or business schedules

  • Booking

    Book the most suitable accommodation, transportation, tour activities around your visits at a single place

  • Share

    Share your travel plans to your family, friends and colleagues. Discover others people's travel plan for inspirations.

  • Assistance

    Received on-site assistance while your are traveling and adjust your plan intelligently

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Pre and post booking experience

  • Overview

    The client is looking for methods to improve their current product experiences, expand revenue streams and improve their brand awareness. The client is looking to have a all-in-all solution for their customers. 

  • Globaleur's Solution

    Globaleur integrated its unique trip planning solution and booking solution with the existing product. Customers are able to get recommended trips before and after booking. Customers can also book additional travel inventories. 

  • Business Value

    With better and seamless user experiences, higher conversion rate and customer returning rate have been shown. The brand awareness has been improved. Additional revenue has been incurred from new inventories. 


A fully integrated suite of travel solutions

Ready to digitalize your travel solutions? Globaleur provides a suite of AI-driven travel solutions that can integrate with various travel use cases. Contact us today to learn more!

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