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Integrated booking solutions that boost up your sales

Globaleur integrates multiple inventory sources such as flights, tours, activities and hotels. Working smoothly with the trip planning engine, personalized booking inventories will be presented to the customers for the best conversion rate. Besides, our clients can benefit from ancillary revenue that's coming from our partner's inventories.



Our Booking & Planning integrated solutions can help clients to increase their sales conversions, digital touch-points and customer's confidence to make a purchase. Moreover, clients can also gain ancillary revenue that's coming from our partner's inventories. 

How it works

Hotels and airlines companies can benefit greatly from Globaleur's integrated booking and planning platform. Globaleur’s integrated booking solutions and trip planning engine can encourage travelers to convert with high efficiency & confidence.


Discovery-to-conversaion time reduced for making a booking decision


More likely to purchase bookings when users can visually see the bookings along with the schedule


Return users to visit your sites and engage with your website

Abstract Waves

Common Implementation

Client Inventory API integration, Payment Handling, Single Cart Purchase

Booking Information Synchronization & Integration

SSO Integration

CRM Integration, User analytics, Trigger Marketing Campaigns, Campaign Content API

Front-end customization, branding, product & design support

IOS/Android mobile app launch, web app integration

Want to increase your sales?

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