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We're a diverse team of thinkers and avid travelers, constantly reimagining how to better help worldwide travelers fully maximize their travel experience. The people who work for our company all share the same passion for innovation that goes into our platform and customer-centric products and services - revolutionizing how global travelers consume travel-related goods and services.


Globaleur’s vision is to become the go-to platform that will help users in navigating worldwide destinations with ease, thereby building a more unified world where everyone feels comfortable visiting, communicating and exchanging cultural values with those who are from other parts of the world.

Do you have what it takes to create the world’s smartest and most innovative travel platform? Are you looking to work in a (exciting and vibrant) start-up environment? We have a few openings in Engineering and Marketing team, if you are interested in any of the following opportunities, please send your resume to Thank you! 

Product Analyst


Santa Clara, CA;

Seoul, Korea




You will be working on multiple software application (website & apps) projects, conduct QA testing, identify potential problems, manage user stories & timeline, gather & analyze user feedbacks, and communicate between users and software engineers to solve the real-life problems! You will be responsible for the entire product, and ensure its continuous enhancement and improvement. You will also have a chance to contribute your ideas into new products by working with our corporate customers.

No matter if you are a software engineer who wants to try a product role, or you are a business or design-oriented professional with some technical background, you are welcome to apply if you are user-oriented and detail-oriented person with a passion to provide the best travel products to users.

Globaleur, a fast-growing AI travel solutions company based in both Silicon Valley, USA and Seoul, South Korea, is a group of passionate and friendly folks who are driven to make a change. Everyone is motivated to work together to tackle the next big challenge and make life-changing impacts in the industry. In addition, if you are looking to bring your career into another level, you are welcome to work with talented people at Globaleur. You will be able to bring impactful changes and grow yourself more in a fast-paced startup environment.

-You should at least have a Bachelors degree
-Have working experience in software companies in the past, or studied in fields such as computer science, software engineering, data science, industrial engineering, management science or related fields in the past.
-Understand the basics regarding how the software works
-Interested in travel software products, and have good understanding about the travel products in the market
-Detailed oriented and have good patience. Able to dig into the issues and figure out. Have the “can do” attitude.
-Great communication skills and being able to work with others
-Able to take initiatives and work independently

Bonus Points:
-Managed software products in the past (or was a product manager)
-Have designed app/website in the past
-Worked in a startup environment in the past
-Basic coding/analytics skills will be great

Full-Stack Engineer


Santa Clara, CA;

Seoul, Korea




Job Descriptions

  • Architect, design, build, operate and document secure/scalable software systems and services in a test-driven environment including libraries and APIs

  • Develop new synchronous and asynchronous service components from concept to deployment

  • Operate and support system elements via test-driven development processes, using metrics, monitoring, analytics, rules and alerts

  • Develop new functions and features based on requests and feedback

  • Are passionate about durable, secure, scalable systems that are always up and running

  • Get excited about modern cloud-native application architecture — e.g. microservices, serverless, containerization and orchestration

  • Have expert knowledge of NoSQL databases (e.g. MongoDB or DynamoDB) — from schema design, indexing, querying, and performance tuning to replication, sharding, and ensuring high availability

  • Are not afraid of load tests throwing hundreds of thousands of users at your service — your service will never even break a sweat!


  • Proven experience with Node.JS

  • Experience building server-less API's using Node.JS

  • Experience with Google Cloud infrastructure and applications

  • Experience designing, building, deploying and scaling fault tolerant self-healing and highly-available systems used in production by a large user base

  • A deep understanding of REST and API design— that extends beyond buzzwords

  • Have experience in front-end web responsive design, familiar with CSS, HTML, etc.; or have experience in Flutter development/iOS/Android

Travel Content Creator/Editor





  • Conduct research and analysis on destinations, attractions and activities in popular cities

  • Analyze travelers' preference and create curated trip packages and destination recommendations

  • Assist in other international and domestic travel research and initiatives


  • Major in Travel & Tourism, Marketing,  Business, English, Korean, preferred

  • Outstanding English or Korean writing skills

  • Great research skills and detail-oriented

  • Passionate about traveling, and interested in the latest travel information and trends

  • Multi-language is great, such as Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, etc.