Global Destination Contents for travel platforms and OTAs

Looking for up-to-date location data on over 1M+ places? Leverage our Global Destination Contents API that provides dynamic access to Globaleur’s content database so you can build websites and applications to show the best travel content to your customers.

Globaleur Content API

Core Features

  • Global content coverage 

    Our content API covers over 200 cities and 1M point of interests around the world. Not only provide detailed information and photos about each places, Globaleur also provides unique information such as themes, suggested visit duration, etc.

  • Curated by travel experts

    Every single detail has been created and checked by travel experts. We have a trained and experienced travel content team that carefully validate every single information, select photos and ensure the information is both accurate and aesthetic. 

  • Constant content enhancement

    Our diligent content and engineering team are constantly updating and expanding our current with updated information, better pictures and new data such as blogs and audio guides! With our content API, you could get updated content in real-time!


A fully integrated suite of travel solutions

Ready to digitalize your travel solutions? Globaleur provides a suite of AI-driven travel solutions that can integrate with various travel use cases. Contact us today to learn more!

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