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Global Destination Contents for Travel Platforms 

Looking for up-to-date location data? Utilize our Global Destination Contents API or White-label pages for dynamic access to Globaleur's extensive content database. This enables you to develop websites and applications that present diverse travel content to your customers efficiently and effectively.

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We provide variety of contents


City Information


Things to Do Info


Map & Photos


Travel Blogs & Tips


Data & User Tracking


Global content coverage 

Our Content API covers nearly 200 cities and 1 million points of interest worldwide. It offers not only detailed information and photos for each location but also unique insights such as themes, suggested visit durations, and more, curated by Globaleur.


Self-made content
by travel experts

Every detail is meticulously crafted and reviewed by travel experts. Our skilled travel content team validates each piece of information, selects photos, and ensures that all content is both accurate and visually appealing. 100% of our content is self produced ensuring it is free from copyright issues.


Regular content management

Our dedicated content and engineering teams are continuously enhancing our offerings with improved images, and latest information, including blogs and audio guides. Through our content API, you can access updated content in real time!

Expose your business to potential customers nearby. Our platform provides detailed, up-to-date information for each place and displays locations on visualized maps. Register your business on Globaleur to be featured in our recommended itineraries, opening your doors to a new pool of customers.

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Introduce your business
to new customers

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