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Globaleur announced as the second runner-up in SIA AppChallenge 2022

The 8th edition of the annual SIA AppChallenge - Startup Track concluded on 14 November 2022 with much excitement from 12 shortlisted finalists across the globe pitching their solutions. Over 450 startups, across 55 countries, participated in our open call this year. After two editions of virtual events, we are glad to be able to meet everyone in person.  

This is the second time that Globaleur joined SIA AppChallenge. Delivering passengers a new and interactive digital experience, Globaleur's innovative PDE solution is focusing on travel, gamification, e-commerce and data analytics. With Globaleur's software, users will be able to use their personal device to browse various travel contents within the SIA Intranet environment. They can discover popular things to do at their destinations, purchase entrance tickets, book tours, save places they want to visit and play knowledge quiz games in the air.

Extending the in-flight experience further, Globaleur's unique in-destination assistance application not only can help passenger easily find points of interests, but also recommend personalized travel itineraries and activities based on real-time situation. Globaleur assists airlines clients to continue engage with passengers even after they land within in-destination for additional upselling & travel curation opportunities.


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