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Globaleur's presence in Thailand Tourism Forum as the finalist of Thaiger Cage 2024

Globaleur was honored to be selected as the finalist and awarded with the second place in Thaiger Cage 2024 competition in Thailand, Bangkok. Globaleur, as an AI-driven B2B enterprise technology solution company, provides innovative digital transformation solutions for airlines, hotel brands and tourism organizations.

In hospitality industry specifically, Globaleur provides seamless implementation of travel planning and booking digital solutions into crucial consumer touch-points such has AI concierge assistance, and in-room TV implementation. At the same time when hotel chains can obtain ancillary revenue, they can also gain valuable customer insights about guests' travel interests and behaviors. Synced with hotel's CRM system, Globaleur empowers our clients to trigger targeted marketing campaigns that could be engaged with users at the best time during the booking experience.

The Thailand Tourism Forum (TTF) 2024, held on January 15th, marked its 13th annual edition as the country's largest hospitality event. Organized by C9 Hotelworks, the event took place at the InterContinental Bangkok, drawing over 1,100 attendees. TTF is recognized for its fast-paced and candid discussions on the latest trends and issues facing the hospitality industry. The 2024 edition focused on key topics such as artificial intelligence's impact on tourism, strategies for hotel repositioning and branding in the post-pandemic era, and the emergence of Thailand as Asia's leader in lifestyle hotels.

Thaiger Cage is a prominent startup pitch event that serves as a prelude to the Thailand Tourism Forum, highlighting innovative startups in the tourism and hospitality digital sectors. The Thaiger Cage 2024 is an innovative digital pitch event designed as a prequel to the Thailand Tourism Forum 2024, aimed at digital innovators in the hospitality and tourism sectors.


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