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Around Australia: The Phillip Island 🌴

Tiny and pretty island to the south to St Kilda, Frankston and Mornington Peninsula. Bordering French Island, two hours approximately from Melbourne CBD. Honestly, you don’t need a lot of days to know the island. Personally, I’ve gone more than two opportunities and just for one day it was worth fully.

The Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia

First of all, I recommended going in a car, because is more comfortable and is easy to manage your own times, besides I don’t remember seeing public busses there.  If you don’t have a car, Melbourne has a lot of rent a car everywhere. I recommended Atlas rent a car. Is one of the cheapest around the city, with good prices per hour with a lot of cars models and when you become a frequent customer, is possible to get discounts! 😉#win.

The Phillip Island highway is very flat with some curves. However, I recommended take care and avoid to drive on the sunsets and sunrises because that are the moments in which marsupials are more active during the course of the day. It’s easy to find a kangaroo on the road meanwhile you are driving happy. Also, is very common to see wombats, possums or another death animals on the road. Regrettably, but a present Australian reality outside of the big cities.

The Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia

In Phillip Island, one of the first places that catch the attention of everyone is “The Koala Sanctuary”,🐨 I didn’t go. It was really expensive ($30 AUD) and only you can see the koalas sleeping because they have nocturnal activity. They are really lazy … pay for seeing sleep? I don’t think so! Following the route, the first beach that you can visit is “Cows Beach”. Honestly, there is nothing interesting – boring – boring – boring … like dancing with the sister. The only that possibly attract attention is a large number of jellyfish on the water, but there are not dangerous so, you can swing very relaxing and happy … I did and I lived to tell the tale ?, maybe if I had a snorkel with me at that time the experience could be more exciting.

Cow's Beach

Following the highway, it’s possible to find more and exciting beaches. Our next step was “Shelley Beach” … The environment was really gorgeous 👌🏻. The beach is not really big, but very quiet. You can see beginner surfers because the waves are not dangerous and not really big. The place is very peaceful to expend the afternoon in the family or some friends. Very relaxing. I didn’t see change rooms or something similar so, keep an eye there.

Shelley Beach

“Nobbie Beach”, was our next beach. This place is a little free park (you don’t need to pay). The park is full of footpaths, so you can walk quietly and take some pictures at the same time. PLEASE, be careful with the seagulls that flying there, sometimes can be a lot of them and they didn’t know the toilet (you know what I mean).

The environment is wonderful, see the waves crashing against the rocks are magnificent. Totally recommended, besides the park is not really big so you don’t need a lot of time to visit 💯

Nobbie Beach

Almost in the middle of the Island, we arrived at “Berry Beach”. I remembered that gorgeous beach … Shocking! Amazing! 🤩 Next to this beach is possible to see a lot of kangaroos (moreover in the countryside). The beach is big with a lot of rocks, I don’t know if it’s suitable for swimming, but (for the record, I didn’t see in any beach a lifeguard) be careful my friends 🤭

Berry Beach

Phillips island has a beach in every corner, but there are pretty rough and windy. The water is very cold (summer), very different to the other beaches around the city (there is the opposite).

Finally, we end seeing the sunset on “Woolamai Beach”, also known as the best beach surfing. Is so huge! The waves are enormous and full of surfers. Is an amazing place to see the first stars coming out 🤩 (my favourite beach in phillip island!)

Woolamai Beach

Phillips Island is ideal for a weekend trip, an unmissable destination in Victoria

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