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Just a Recap of My Trip to Barcelona

By Daisy Blue

The real summer season is approaching very fast and so my work days as a tourist guide are just around the corner. I love my job but just before it starts I have run away to see a country that I have never been to and enjoy some days off with my friend. Our first stop – Mallorca!

Let’s clarify some things first. The island is called Mallorca, its capital and the largest city is called Palma. No, it is not Palma de Mallorca anymore. After the voting at the end of 2016, the government has changed the city’s name for the third time in a last decade. Hopefully, this time is for good.

Palma, Mallorca.

In my opinion, Palma is a perfect city to go to if you want to relax from your busy everyday life and lay on a beach all day. There you can find some good places to party as well, but a better party destination in Balearic Sea is the Ibiza island. From Palma there are more than 10 direct flights to Barcelona every day in the summer season and that was our main stop.

Palma, Mallorca.

I feel like Barcelona is the biggest city I have ever been to. Not because it would be true, but because it has so much to offer. The city spreads on over 100 km2 (40 square miles) and trust me – you are going to use that metro a lot!

Let me tell you something you do not know about me. I have a thing for the art, true. But even if you do not have it, La Sagrada Familia will take your breath away. Antoni Gaudí took his time and has spent 40 years of his life just to design this masterpiece. When he died the basilica was around 20% complete. Unfortunately, the original plans have burned out in a fire after his death, so today, almost 140 years later, the construction continues based on a reconstruction of them. The estimated time of completion is in 2026, exactly 100 years after Gaudí’s death.

Magic Fountain of Montjuïc operates only few days in a week just for one hour. So check out its timetable online and get ready for the most spectacular water show you have ever seen in your life.

The Barcelona city in all of its greatness.

Thanks to our Free Walking Tour Guide Pietro we have found out where is the best pastry shop in Barcelona. We have tasted many traditional dished as Churros, Spanish Chocolate which tasted a bit like coffee but Cream Catalonia was far the best among them all.

Flamenco dance is more typical for Andalusia and not for Catalonia, but the most famous dancer of all times, Carmen, was from Barcelona so you see the connection. There are many bars where you can see the Flamenco show on any day of the week and I would definitely recommend you to do so.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma.

During our time in Barcelona we have visited Columbus Monument to catch some amazing sky views, Camp Nou – unfortunately when there was no football game, taken a stroll around Port Vell, enjoyed the sun rays on Barceloneta beach, (window) shopped in L’illa Diagonal and Maremagnum Shopping centre, got scared to death by street entertainers and many more.

Blowing bubbles in the streets of Palma.

I will always remember Barcelona by being the city where I have started sending postcards to my dear followers who have trusted me their home address. This tradition will definitely continue so watch out for my next trip and maybe you are going to be the lucky recipient of my postcard next time!

Check out the photos of my trip in my Instagram page @daisydadee.


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