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Globaleur and Thai Airways forge partnership to offer enhanced digital travel experience

Globaleur has embarked on an exciting partnership with Thai Airways International, focusing on enhancing the airline's offerings with personalized ancillary services for its global passengers. This collaboration introduces a new era of customized travel experiences, underpinned by advanced AI-driven capabilities aimed at revolutionizing the airline retail and travel inspiration sectors.

Enhancing Digital Experience with Personalized Content

The initial step of this collaboration has seen Globaleur deliver personalized & curated experiences to Thai Airways’ global customers, including comprehensive information on tours and activities. This integration allows passengers to explore a variety of experiences directly related to their flight destinations, significantly enhancing the pre-flight planning process. By providing these curated options, Globaleur not only enhances the existing services offered by Thai Airways but also elevates the overall user experience on the airline's digital platform.

Globaleur's product is designed to enrich the airline's offerings with personalized and curated travel experiences for its global customers. The core functionalities of this product include providing detailed information on tours and activities across 60 cities, enabling passengers to filter and search for these based on various criteria such as price, rating, tour categories, and ticket options. Each listed activity comes with a comprehensive description, offering insights into what the experience entails, and allows customers to check real-time availability directly. This integration aims to enhance the overall user experience on Thai Airways' digital platforms, offering a more personalized approach to airline retail and travel inspiration through advanced AI-driven capabilities in subsequent phases of the partnership.

Benefits for Thai Airways and Its Passengers

“Our collaboration with Thai Airways is a pivotal step towards redefining the passenger experience,” stated David C. Lee from Globaleur. “Through this partnership, we're leveraging our expertise to introduce personalized content and ancillary offerings, aiming not only to boost Thai Airways’ revenue through products aligned with passengers’ travel plans but also to significantly enhance the travel experience for their customers. By providing access to curated destination guides and local tours and activities, we’re focusing on tailoring every aspect of the journey to meet individual preferences and interests. This initiative underscores our commitment to using innovative solutions to enrich the passenger journey, ensuring a seamless and memorable travel experience from beginning to end.”

A Milestone in Market Expansion and Collaboration

This collaboration marks Globaleur's first project with a Thai company, representing a significant milestone in its market expansion strategy. By partnering with Thai Airways, Globaleur not only extends its footprint into the Thai market but also opens up opportunities to serve Thai customers with its innovative travel solutions. This strategic alliance underscores the importance of personalized travel experiences in today's competitive airline industry, highlighting how technology and customization are key to meeting the evolving demands of global travelers.

About Globaleur

Globaleur stands at the forefront of the travel technology sector, transforming the way travel is experienced through its AI-driven solutions. Specializing in personalized travel experiences, Globaleur utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence to offer tailored travel recommendations, making the planning process seamless and intuitive. Globaleur is committed to being the go-to partner for those seeking a futuristic approach to travel, ensuring a personalized journey for every traveler.

About Thai Airways

Thai Airways, Thailand's flagship carrier, serves as a global ambassador of Thailand travel industry, offering a gateway to the wonders of Thailand and beyond. Each month, millions of passengers choose Thai Airways for its world-class service, extensive network, and the seamless travel experience it provides.


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