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Globaleur launched travel web app with Kookmin Bank for bringing travel into people's lifestyle

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic's severe impact on global travel, the desire for exploration among Koreans remained strong. They shifted their focus from international to domestic travel, leveraging the opportunity to discover the beauty within their own country. During the most difficult time for travel companies, Globaleur secured partnership with Kookmin Bank (Korean: 국민은행), which is one of the largest banks in South Korea.

As a financial institution, Kookmin Bank is deeply committed to enriching our customers' lifestyles, consistently focusing on broadening our range of lifestyle products. In alignment with Globaleur's mission, our aim is to simplify the travel planning and purchasing process for global travelers. Kookmin Bank users will have access to Globaleur's services to explore destinations, plan trips, and navigate with ease. Leveraging Globaleur's AI-driven trip planning engine, users can receive personalized itineraries tailored to their preferences, whether they seek romantic getaways or nature adventures. Additionally, users can bookmark their favorite destinations and create a fully optimized tour route, enhancing their travel experience.

In response to the travel limitations imposed by COVID-19, Globaleur has significantly expanded its offerings to include numerous Korean local cities, bolstering support for domestic travel. This expansion was made possible through the contributions of thousands of pieces of content from both local travelers and our in-house content creators. Our goal is to showcase the breathtaking and authentic aspects of each Korean city, offering travelers an insider's view of these unique destinations. This initiative reflects our commitment to providing a diverse and rich travel experience, even in challenging times.

When discussing travel to a new city, it's undeniable that local tours and activities significantly enhance the overall experience. Globaleur partners with leading global tour and activity providers, offering a wide range of high-quality, competitively-priced products. These range from SIM cards and transportation options to guided tours and attraction tickets, ensuring travelers have everything they need for an unforgettable journey.

The collaboration with Kookmin Card, a distinguished partner, extends beyond offering additional digital value to customers; it marks a significant stride into the travel and lifestyle domain, empowered by the leverage of big data. This access grants invaluable insights into customer travel preferences and behaviors, fostering substantial growth opportunities for their businesses.

This partnership not only represents Globaleur's inaugural venture with an enterprise partner but also showcases the adaptability of Globaleur's technology and products across various applications. As Globaleur's initial foray into the Korean market, this collaboration is a pivotal milestone, affirming the value and potential of Globaleur's offerings to both clients and users, even amidst the challenges faced by the travel industry.


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