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The Australian Paradise: Whitsundays ☀️🌴

By Wanderplane

Whitsundays perfectly posits for one of the best places on earth.

Whitsundays is a conformation of 74 islands located in the northeast coast of Queensland, in the north of Australia. It begins or ends (depending on how you see it) the Great Barrier Reef, which is an extensive stretch of coral and marine life (largest in the world). Most of these islands are uninhabited and stand out for their dense tropical jungle, hiking trails and unparalleled white sand beaches. Seriously, to mean … really white! ☁️

The city of Airlie Beach in the mainland and the nerve centre of the region. It is basically where everything happens and buys everything (pharmacies, restaurants, supermarkets, stores, etc.).

Airlie Beach

I recommend visiting this place in Australia for at least 4 days, so they know him calmly and passively without any hassle. I went for a week and believe me it was more than enough👍🏻😃

I bought the tickets with a minimum of two months in advance and in a Thursday (because Thursdays are cheaper passages) and travelled at the end of June (low season since it is winter in Australia, but in Whitsundays… NEVER IS WINTER!).

I recommend that before you leave the airport of  Airlie Beach – Proserpine, go to the ticket office of the approach buses (which is inside of the airport), buy your round-trip ticket and the buses take you wherever you want. Also, if they ask you to leave them outside the hotel where they will lodge, it will be and they will also go to the same place to go back to the airport 🚐

Airlie Beach is quite small, so there will not be many laps inside the bus … even if you walk 🚶🏻‍♀️

Airlie Beach

We used Airbnb and the offer was quite good, for all tastes, prices and locations. We stayed at the house of an Australian woman who practically does the business, according to what she told us, she has about 5 houses in Airlie Beach and she rents her rooms for travellers from all over the world. The location was a 5-10 minute walk to the beach and to the centre of town (great!) 😃

Airbnb house, Airlie Beach

The week was not grossly expensive at all, they were not more than $ 500 AUD for a comfortable room, spacious and clean. The house was wonderful, very beach tone with a fantastic terrace overlooking the patio where you could share breakfast, lunch and dinner under the stars ✨

Do not bring warm clothes to visit the north, it’s obvious, it’s hot all the time. But maybe if you need a hoodie or a sweater for the afternoon (sometimes it can be a bit cold near the beach) 💨

I recommend trying to get there early in the morning and set up. From there, go around the city and look for travel alternatives to the Whitsundays Islands. There are several alternatives of 1, 2 or more days. Everything depends on what they want to do and how much they are willing to pay.

Whitsundays Island

👀 knowing the beach of Whitsundays will take only a couple of hours. You can not be there until dusk or until the next day, unless you stay at one of the closest islands such as Hamilton Island (where, in my opinion, the prices are exorbitant and almost unjustified … so, why pay more if you can? see the same?). But as I always say, it depends on each one.

One way to go to Whitsundays Island National Park is by sailing boat. It’s a bit slow, in the end, you spend more time sailing than on the beach, but for those who have never sailed, it can be quite an experience. Cute and awesome!⛵️🤩

Whitsundays Island

Another way is through a speedboat 🚤which takes half the time as a sailboat, which therefore results in spending more time on the beach (yass!). Both types of transportation include food, snorkelling and transportation from your accommodation to the port.

Personally, I made the two types of trips to Whitsundays … is that how not to do it?

Whitsundays is one of the best beaches I’ve been (and I can modestly say I’ve visited several) … its intensely white and fine sands contrast sharply with the sea and the sky that is lost among them of the intense blue what are they.

Coral Barrier Reef, Queensland

The first time I stayed with pleasure to little and although I travel by boat while eating exotic fruits while sailing way to the island and had a wonderful sun I felt that there was almost nothing on the beach contemplating that wonder … so, 4 days later we took a speedboat option (with another company) and despite the fact that it was the opposite in weather (in fact it was horrible because it even rained) if it was totally worth it and left me quite satisfied (We spent more hours on the beach!) 🙃🌴

Whitsundays Island

As for food, if you have been in Australia for a long time, I do not think you’ll be scared by the prices of the restaurants that can be found in Airlie Beach, they are practically the same as Melbs and Syd. However, I recommend that, if you want to save the most, stay in an Airbnb so that you can go to the supermarket and cook yourselves (hell yeah!).

The centre of the city has an artificial beach with free admission. Safe and friendly, especially if travelling with children 👶🏼

Lots of nightlife there is not, at least that’s the impression that gave me … I think it was basically because we travel in low season (June) so there were not many tourists going around in those parts. I imagine that in summer it should be full of travellers everywhere.

Whitsundays in a totally recommendable place and a must if you travel to Australia! Personally, it has been one of my best trips and the ones I remember most fondly … I would go back many times … its people, its calm, its climate … perfection … 😍

I am totally a

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