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Globaleur Collaborates with Royal Air Maroc to Enhance Passenger Experience

Globaleur is thrilled to unveil its partnership with Royal Air Maroc, a collaboration aimed at redefining the passenger experience through personalized travel inspiration for global destinations.

Innovative Solutions for Royal Air Maroc

The initial phase of this partnership sees Globaleur enhancing Royal Air Maroc's website by providing detailed travel content, including tours and activities information—a feature previously unavailable on the airline's platform. This addition enriches the website, transforming it into a comprehensive travel hub that offers passengers not just flight options but also inspires their travel plans with curated experiences tailored to their destinations.

Globaleur's product significantly enhances the Royal Air Maroc website with more than 25K local tours and activities in 80 cities, a function that was not offered before. This tool enables customers to efficiently search for activities based on various criteria such as price, rating, categories, and ticket options. Every activity on the list has a thorough description that provides details about what to expect and enables clients to check availability in real time. In further stages of the collaboration, this integration will provide travel inspiration through cutting-edge AI-driven capabilities, with the ultimate goal of improving the overall user experience on Royal Air Maroc's digital platforms.

Benefits and Enhanced Experiences

This collaboration presents significant advantages for both Royal Air Maroc and its passengers. For Royal Air Maroc, integrating Globaleur's personalized and curated travel content directly into its website allows the airline to offer a richer, more engaging customer experience. This strategic enhancement is expected to lead to an increase in ancillary revenues, as passengers are now provided with local tours and activities related to their flight destinations and are able to book them directly.

Strategic Collaboration for Market Expansion

This partnership between Globaleur and Royal Air Maroc is Globaleur's first collaboration with an airline company, marking a significant step towards expanding into new markets. This strategic alliance emphasizes the importance of personalized travel experiences in the competitive airline industry today, showcasing Globaleur's commitment to innovation and its capacity to meet the evolving demands of global travelers through its advanced travel personalization solutions.

Globaleur: Shaping the Future of Travel

The collaboration between Globaleur and Royal Air Maroc, as highlighted by Mohamed El Mehdi DRIOUICHE, vice president of Royal Air Maroc, has sparked a transformative project in the travel industry. This partnership has led to the development of a platform that redefines how travelers explore and book their trips. By providing access to a handpicked assortment of tours and activities both in Morocco and worldwide at attractive prices, the platform ensures a more efficient booking experience. This effort reflects a deep commitment to enhancing travel by making it more personalized and enjoyable for every traveler.

About Globaleur

Globaleur stands at the forefront of the travel technology sector, transforming the way travel is experienced through its AI-driven solutions. Specializing in personalized travel experiences, Globaleur utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence to offer tailored travel recommendations, making the planning process seamless and intuitive. Globaleur is committed to being the go-to partner for those seeking a futuristic approach to travel, ensuring a personalized journey for every traveler.

About Royal Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc, Morocco's national carrier, facilitates global travel for millions each year, connecting passengers to over a hundred destinations worldwide. As the gateway to Africa and beyond, the airline offers an extensive network that spans continents. With a fleet that features the latest in aviation technology, Royal Air Maroc prioritizes comfort, safety, and efficiency, ensuring a pleasant journey from takeoff to landing. Passengers have access to a wide range of services, including online booking, personalized in-flight entertainment, and exceptional hospitality, all designed to enhance the travel experience.


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