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Globaleur chosen as Seoul Tourism Organization's premier content partner for 2021

Globaleur is proud to announce its collaboration with the Seoul Tourism Organization as the selected travel content partner for 2021. This partnership underscores Globaleur's expertise in delivering high-quality, engaging content that illuminates the vibrant cityscape of Seoul for travelers worldwide.

Diverse Content Unveils Seoul to the World

In this significant collaboration, Globaleur has devoted itself to producing content that spans a wide array of interests and languages, making Seoul's wonders accessible to a global audience. With an in-house team of skilled photographers and insightful editors, Globaleur has curated a collection of exclusive articles that explore Seoul's hidden gems, celebrated events, and iconic locations featured in K-dramas. Content is meticulously crafted in Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Russian, and Malay, ensuring that no traveler is left behind.  This commitment to keep creating digital travel contents has enabled Visit Seoul( to become a comprehensive hub for foreigners seeking to learn more about Seoul.

Synergizing Goals for International Outreach

Operating as a foreign entity within Korea, Globaleur has been instrumental in bridging the gap for international tourists by providing crucial travel information and services. The partnership with the Seoul Tourism Organization aligns with Globaleur's mission to make tourism and travel in Korea more accessible and enjoyable for foreigners. This collaboration creates a unified platform that serves the needs of international visitors, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Korean culture and attractions.

A Seal of Trust from the Government

The collaboration with the Seoul Tourism Organization, a governmental body, serves as a significant endorsement of Globaleur's services and mission. This partnership not only highlights the government's confidence in Globaleur as a trusted source for tourism-related content and services but also underscores the company's commitment to quality and excellence. This governmental seal of approval is a crucial achievement for Globaleur, establishing its significance in the tourism industry and paving the way for future collaborations.

Looking Ahead: Expanding Horizons

The partnership with the Seoul Tourism Organization is seen as a starting point for Globaleur, signaling a commitment to enhancing its offerings and extending its reach beyond Seoul and Korea to a global audience. The company is poised to collaborate with other tourism organizations worldwide, utilizing its technology and expertise to promote global tourism. This vision for the future signifies a move towards a more connected and accessible travel experience with Globaleur.

About Globaleur

Globaleur stands at the forefront of the travel technology sector, transforming the way travel is experienced through its AI-driven solutions. Specializing in personalized travel experiences, Globaleur utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence to offer tailored travel recommendations, making the planning process seamless and intuitive. Globaleur is committed to being the go-to partner for those seeking a futuristic approach to travel, ensuring a personalized journey for every traveler.

About Seoul Tourism Organization

Seoul Tourism Organization (STO) is a pivotal entity dedicated to promoting Seoul as a premier destination for international travelers. Tasked with the mission to enhance the city's global tourism appeal, STO offers comprehensive resources and support to tourists seeking to explore the vibrant culture, historic landmarks, and modern attractions of Seoul. Through its extensive platform, STO provides essential information on accommodation, dining, entertainment, and cultural experiences, drawing on insights from locals and seasoned travelers alike.


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