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A Day in San Diego

By Cora Mitchell

San Diego has much to offer with its natural scenic beauty, cultural attractions, and great drinking and dining designations.

Although a day won’t do it justice, it is enough time to get just a taste of what san diego has to offer, plus a whole lot of sunshine. So, whether you are a short time visitor, a newbie, or someone in desperate need of a staycation, San Diego is your go-to!

Buzzed Coffee

8AM) Buzzed Coffee. First things first, breakfast. Although San Diego has copious delicious, nutritious breakfast stops, we must save that for another time when we are willing to wait in line for a table. In this case we are going for speed, delicious seeds, and caffeination. Buzzed Coffee gets it done. Not only do they serve locally roasted coffee and espressos, but also some delicious fuel to compliment it. Although no option is a bad option, the 3 Seed Avocado Toast is the standout. It truly lives up to its name because it is ACTUALLY topped with sesame, chia, and hemp seed-- talk about a power breakfast! Buzzed Coffee has multiple locations across the city – I encourage you to begin by getting your buzz on here.

Where: 3745 Mission Blvd., San Diego, CA 92109

Daily 5am-9pm

10AM) Paddle Boarding. After you are fueled up and ready to go it’s straight to the beach, and what better way to experience the ocean than to actually go in the ocean! For us “losers” who can’t hop on a surfboard and catch a wave, there is another way to try to be cool in this surfing-forward city. Your salvation in this case is stand up Paddle boarding and it is a great way to see and explore the Bay. San Diego’s Mission Bay is the perfect place to paddle your way out into the ocean, look back on the shoreline, and possibly eye some marine life. A great place to seek out is Aqua Adventures. They offer rentals, lessons, and tours-- and if you just want to rent you can do so for a reasonable price.

Where: 1548 Quivira Way, San Diego, CA 92109

Tue-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat-Sun 9am-5pm

Oscars Mexican Seafood

12PM) Oscars Mexican Seafood. Despite what people may think, paddle boarding is NOT easy and an excellent way to work off a piece of toast piled high with ingredients. What better way to refuel yourself than true Mexican food? Many say San Diego has some of the most authentic, delicious, and abundant Mexican cuisine, and this is no exaggeration. Head over to Pacific Beach and visit Oscars Mexican Seafood. It has an unassuming exterior but I assure you the fare is superior. Although finding a place to sit, and or park, won’t be easy, it is worth the toil for these large portions of high quality, inexpensive, authentic Mexican. No time for a siesta though… gotta keep moving.

Where: 746 Emerald Street, San Diego, CA 92109

Sun-Thursday 8am-9pm, Friday-Saturday 8am-10pm

2PM) TapRoom. Not only is San Diego known for its outstanding Mexican food, but it also gets props for its craft breweries. Although it may seem too early in the day for a drink, remember that you are on vacation and the rules don’t apply. Now that you have rationalized this, head to the TapRoom in Pacific Beach and let them dazzle you with their choice of 50 beers on tap and over 100 different craft bottles. They also have a great food menu with pizza, pastas, burgers and more, but the Mexican food still lingers so I only get to see and smell the deliciousness. The TapRoom is one of San Diego’s top craft beer bars and is conveniently located just a few blocks from the beach.

Where: 1269 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

Mon-Fri 10:30am – 1am, Sat, 10am– 1am,Sun 10am–12am

Mission Beach Boardwalk

4PM) Pacific Beach- Mission Beach Boardwalk. After being tempted by the ocean while sipping your fresh craft beer, head over to the boardwalk and take a stroll down the oceanfront. If you aren’t the walking type, Pacific Beach offers a plethora of transportation options (bikes, segways, scooters, skateboards, etc) The boardwalk conveniently links the two neighborhoods of Mission and Pacific Beach, passing numerous shops, parks, and houses along the way. Oh, and it also has some of the most interesting people-watching south of San Francisco.

Where: 974 Thomas Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

6PM) Carruth Wine Garden. A day in San Diego is best capped by a trip to Little Italy, also known as San Diego’s “foodie” hotspot. Amidst all the restaurants is a magical spot that could be straight out of the secret garden called the Carruth Wine Garden. If only briefly, you may think you are in Tuscany on a warm summer evening. I am talking beautiful flowers, string lights, rustic wood, and an oh-la-la ambiance. The wine selection and the prices are some of the best in the area. If hunger is beginning to gnaw I recommend ordering the delectable and artistic cheese board that looks like it should be a still life painting. And what the heck--pair it with a wine flight! Pure decadence, San Diego style.

Where: 2215 Kettner Blvd, San Diego CA 92101

Mon-Fri 4pm – 10pm, Sat-Sun 12pm-10pm

Carruth Wine Garden

7PM) Bencotto Italian Kitchen. This may come as a surprise, but Mexico is not the only place this city has a deep connection with. In little Italy, you will find Italian cuisine that will make you forget you are oceans away from Europe. Bencotto Italian Kitchen is the epitome of this, serving fresh artisan pasta. If you request it and say “per favore”, your server will even show you a tray of fresh pasta so you can eyeball the variety of shapes, sizes, textures and colors. This hearty meal will likely more than satisfy your hunger, but there’s more The freshly made traditional desserts like Tiramisu, Cannoli and panna cotta are not to be missed and round out the meal nicely. So, don’t be afraid to take indulge in the dolce-- you are on vacation for the day, remember?

Where:750 W Fir St, San Diego, CA 92101-2203

Mon 5p–closing, Tu–Su: 11:30am – closing

The perfect ending to the day is a seaside perch to watch the sunset.Go find a nice rock or a couple square feet of sand and let the day soak in while you listen to the waves lap and your stomach growl.

With a happy tummy and a happy mind, it might be a good time to plan your next visit or plot your next ‘sick day’.


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