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Smart Travel Planner

Globaleur provides you an intelligent travel planning and booking solution with rich destination content and travel inventories. Download today to uncover your next destination!

How can we help you travel easier

Globaleur uses Machine Learning to provide every traveler with a personalized and automated travel itinerary with real-time on-site assistance and one-stop shop booking solutions. 

Monk Overlooking at a Temple


Read comprehensive travel content from travel data publishers and travel blogs created by local experts

Cabin Bedroom


Provide you the most suitable accommodation and transportation around your tour activities

Cityscape of Florence


In-house recommendation engine helps you quickly identify your preferred tour activities

Tour Bus


Share your plans, talk to one another, find local tour guides and find travel companions in our community hub



Optimize your day-to-day travel schedule by integrating multiple travel factors such as opening hours, traffic, etc.

California Bus


Received on-site assistance while your are traveling and adjust your plan automatically

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